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Our History

We didn’t get here in a straight line, but we did get here honestly. We zigged, we zagged, we pivoted when it really counted, and we too a huge leap of faith. That’s how we came to be. And that’s probably pretty similar to the journey you’ve been on. While we don’t know what you’ve been through, we do understand the toll trauma can take on your life. And we’re here to help. Here’s a little of our backstory… 

We started as Nature's Academy

Nature’s Academy, the parent organization for Unbounded Horizons, was founded in Southwest Florida in 2007 as a field-based STEM education program. Born out of its executive director, Dana Lawson’s passion for connecting people with nature and using education to create positive change, this highly-recognized and award-winning non-profit had a tremendous impact on the communities it served. Nature’s Academy’s legacy extended beyond its outstanding programs. Over the years, the organization secured over four million dollars in earned income revenue and grants, and its programs hosted nearly 7,000 participants annually before the COVID-19 pandemic forced Nature’s Academy to close down operations for good in 2020.

Now we're Unbounded Horizons

Driven by the adversity of both the pandemic and her own personal experience, Dana pivoted and launched Unbounded Horizons in 2022. This program, designed to provide trauma survivors with the tools they need for improved mental health, wellbeing, and longevity, addresses the nearly ubiquitous nature of trauma prevalent in our communities today. Unbounded Horizon’s unique and trauma-informed approach supports pathways to healing and growth by combining educational tools, embodiment work, nature connection and community building. Unbounded Horizons stays true to the core values that were the very foundation of Nature’s Academy mission — connecting participants with nature and using education as the vehicle for change — and it continues the legacy of critical social justice work to which it has always been committed.

We provide support and resources to trauma survivors

Our Team

Meet the team

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Dana Lawson

Dana is a survivor: of cancer, amputation, and domestic abuse. She is also a scientist and outdoor educator who uses personal experiences, coupled with professional expertise, to help other survivors use a connection with nature to rediscover their own unbounded horizons. Dana founded the educational nonprofit, Nature's Academy
(the parent organization of Unbounded Horizons), and she is working to build a thriving global community of survivors who challenge themselves and one another to reimagine
what is possible.

Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and trauma counselor from South Florida. As a trauma survivor herself, she is passionate about helping others heal from the trauma of their experience. Ashley believes in a holistic,
mind-and-body approach to healing and shares her experiences as a conference speaker. In addition to her work on the Unbounded Horizons team, Ashley is also dedicated to the work she does in her counseling practice to help individuals deal with their trauma and improve their wellbeing.

Rachel Hardies

Rachel Hardies is a multi-passionate individual and entrepreneur who works as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) and mental strength coach in Washington state. She is inspired by teaching others about themselves and supporting them in exploring new ways of being designed to help them reconnect and integrate within themselves. In addition to her counseling and coaching work, and her work as part of the Unbounded Horizons team, Rachel volunteers with multiple organizations in her community, values time with friends and family, enjoys long-distance running, and loves spending time in nature.

Julia Anderson

Julia is the Lead Holistic Lifestyle Coach for Peak Consciousness with over two decades working in the healthcare industry — including roles as a retreat facilitator and event content creator. Julia comes with a wealth of experience through her travels, teaching, educating, and working alongside other highly skilled practitioners in the healing forum. She was pulled to working with smaller sacred groups as she became aware of some of her own early childhood trauma resurfacing. Her work includes a focus on her six byways of Organization, Breathwork, Food Healing, Movement, Shadow Work, and Meditation.

Our Vision, Mission & Values

This is what we stand for

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To be a preeminent resource for trauma survivors.


To provide pathways to healing and growth for trauma survivors — through education, embodiment work, nature connection, and community building.


Trauma Informed

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Partnership Opportunities

Unbounded Horizons relies on the support of its donors and community partners to make its programs possible. If you are interested in making a tax-deductible contribution to Nature’s Academy, the nonprofit parent organization of Unbounded Horizons, or in becoming a community partner, please check out our partnership opportunities.

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