Unbounded Horizons Provides Support, Healing, and Resources for Women Who've Experienced Trauma

In 2022, we will launch two new outdoor healing programs aimed at helping women rediscover their own unbounded horizons:

Healing Retreat for Survivors of Trauma

A 4-day retreat that will take place this June at NatureBridge, on the shores of Lake Crescent, in Washington’s stunning and peaceful Olympic National Park. The retreat offers those who have experienced emotional trauma an opportunity to reconnect: with oneself, with one another, and with the cathartic healing power of nature.

The retreat’s facilitators are trauma-informed educators, advocates, coaches, and movement practioners, as well as trauma survivors themselves. They are dedicated to helping participants reflect on their experiences without judgement, gain awareness about their mental and physical responses to triggering events, learn new skills to advance toward the lives they desire, and discover how a deepened connection with the natural world can be a catalyst for healing.

Outdoor Healing Program for Survivors of Domestic Abuse

A new program for survivors of domestic abuse that utilizes the healing power of the natural environment and group support to help participants develop more confidence, self-compassion, and self-worth. 

Participants develop the ability to unlearn conditioned behaviors and beliefs, such as helplessness and shame. Graduates will leave the program empowered with increased skills to successfully rebuild their lives. 

*Nature’s Academy is a nonprofit organization providing memorable outdoor experiences to participants, propelling their self-empowerment, igniting their unique passions, and facilitating their personal connection with natural environments.

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