An Outdoor Healing Program for Survivors
of Domestic Abuse

Unbounded Horizons is a new program from Nature’s Academy* for survivors of domestic abuse. By utilizing the healing power of the natural environment and group support, Unbounded Horizons assists participants in developing more confidence, self-compassion, and self-worth. 

Participants develop the ability to unlearn conditioned behaviors and beliefs, such as helplessness and shame. Unbounded Horizons graduates leave the program empowered with increased skills to successfully rebuild their lives. 

Program Includes:

  • Facilitated hikes with a private all-female group
  • Breathing and body awareness exercises 
  • Nature connection exercises for insight, awareness, and healing 
  • Domestic abuse education
  • Budgeting and financial education
  • Post-program “tool-kit” 

*Nature’s Academy is a nonprofit organization providing memorable outdoor experiences to participants, propelling their self-empowerment, igniting their unique passions, and facilitating their personal connection with natural environments.