Lindsay was born and raised in eastern Pennsylvania and grew up spending many family vacations camping in the Appalachian Mountains, which is where she first connected with nature. 

After graduating from Penn State with a BS in Biology, the ocean lured her to Florida for a job at an environmental education center in Key Largo. 

Inspired to continue her own education, Lindsay left Florida to attend Duke University where she earned her Master’s of Environmental Management and later a job working with NOAA on the Chesapeake Bay. 

As life unfolded Lindsay decided to see what city living would be like and continued her adventure west to Chicago where she taught extracurricular ecology programs, volunteered at the Shedd aquarium, and soaked in the bustling city life. 

When the world came crashing down in 2020, the city no longer felt safe and comfortable and Lindsay reconnected with Dana Lawson, whom she had met in Key Largo all those years earlier, and joined forces with Dana to launch Unbounded Horizons in Washington.